Web Based Home Care Software

Improve agency collaboration - CareLive® home health care software provides home health care organizations with the ability to collaborate in real-time from anywhere at any time. Clinical and administrative staff have access to live information regarding all agency activities and can make decisions faster and more reliably.

Improve Compliance - By streamlining the flow of necessary documentation and providing staff access to standardized forms and templates, our web based home healthcare software helps to drastically improve the quality of medical records. All documentation (including clinical) can be reviewed for compliance and quality assurance purposes in real-time as they are submitted.

Decrease cost - With real-time access to information anywhere, commute time and expense to the office is eliminated. The ability to exchange communication between administrative, clinical and clerical staff cuts down on duplication and reduces documentation errors. The unique point of care features of CareLive's web-based home health software offers clinicians the ability to complete tasks faster and more accurately, thereby freeing up time to perform other revenue generating activities for the home health agencies.

Improved Agency Supervision - With access to reports in real-time, provided by our web-based home health software, agency leaders can effectively supervise and oversee their organizations. With an effective point of care system, clinical managers can oversee patient care and collaborate with all members of the multi-disciplinary team to ensure patients are receiving accurate, effective care and that a physician’s plan of care is successful.

Increase revenue - With all the efficiencies and savings provided by using our web-based home care software, home health and hospice agencies can commit more resources to efforts that will increase quality and attract more referring physicians and patients. This will increase revenue and marketability. With our software, our customers can bill multiple insurance companies, thereby opening up new growth opportunities.